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  1. In Blackbaud, click on the student's name

  2. Under Resources, find the tile that says Medical Form Upload Info

  3. Click the Junior medical form link, print out the form, fill out the parent section and have the Primary Care provider sign all necessary forms. That will be what is uploaded later in these steps. If you need a blank Jr Medical Form, you can also click here and one will appear in your downloads for you:

  4. Click any pertinent allergy forms and print them out (see the Individualized Health Plans section of this Wiki page)

  5. Upload into Blackbaud per instructions that say Medical Forms upload instructions under the resource tile in Blackbaud that says medical form upload info

  6. For the medical packet, under the medical tab go to the allergies and conditions box

  7. Click add new and you will see a box that is titled: Add allergy or condition

  8. Use the drop down next to Type to select Allergy or Condition

  9. If uploading an Allergy form, choose allergy and then it will ask Allergic to: where there is a drop down and you can choose the allergy related to the form you are uploading.

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  10. Upload the specific individualized health form where the last box says Files and Upload here (This wiki article has an example of a walkthrough in the Individualized Health Plans section of this page.)

  11. When uploading the junior medical packet, choose condition next to the word type, and after condition is selected, choose medical packet in the drop down

  12. Next to the file box, please upload the medical packet in it’s entirety with a label that says medical packet or similar.  If you are only able to upload one page at a time, please label each page accordingly so that the clinic can access the necessary information easily.  

  13. Make sure to Save and Close or it will not be saved.


For additional questions and technical assistance relating to the Blackbaud Forms, please send us a ticket at

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