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  1. Open a terminal and execute the command:

    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install vpnc network-manager-vpnc

    Note that it may be necessary to enter your password at the prompt in order to enable root access for the installation.

  2. Once the command completes, launch the network manager by clicking on the Network Manager icon and selecting VPN ConnectionsConfigure VPN … > Add.

  3. Under Connection name, give the VPN connection a name. "NCSSM-vpn" or a variant is appropriate.

  4. On the VPN tab, enter the following values:

    1. Gateway: dur-

    2. User name: Your NCSSM user name, without prepended “NCSSM\”.

    3. User password: Your NCSSM password. Set the pull-down menu value on the right to Saved unless you wish to enter your password each time you connect to the VPN.

    4. Group name: Test1

    5. Group password: 1test. Again, set the pull-down menu value on the right to Saved unless you wish to enter the group password each time you connect to the VPN.

    6. Ensure that Use hybrid authentication is unchecked.

    7. Click on Advanced…, then enter the following values:

      1. Domain: ncssm

      2. Vendor: Cisco (default)

      3. Version: blank

      4. Encryption method: Secure (default)

      5. NAT traversal: NAT-T when available (default)

      6. IKE DH Group: DH Group 2 (default)

      7. Perfect Forward Secrecy: Server (default)

      8. Local port: 0

      9. Ensure that Disable Dead Peer Detection is unchecked

    8. Click Apply.

  5. On the IPv4 Settings tab:

    1. Ensure that Method is Automatic (VPN).

    2. Click on Routes..., then on the window that opens:

      1. Check Use this connection only for resources on its network.

      2. Enter values in the following table by using the Add button and entering the values in each cell. (Leave the Metric cell blank.) Each cell will have a red background until a legal value is entered, at which point the background will turn green.

        1. Address:

        2. Netmask:

        3. Gateway:

      3. Students needing access to the Computer science server ( also need to repeat step ii with the address, and the same netmask and gateway.

      4. Click OK.

    3. Click Save….

  6. The VPN client is now configured. See below for usage instructions.