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Our Integrated HR-Payroll System, now known as Fiori and formerly known as BEACON, is being was modified in 2022 to allow for multi-factor authentication (MFA). This work will change how we log in to BEACON. The modifications will proceed in stages, but there is a short window in the first stage to transition to the new way of logging in and test to make sure you can access BEACON without issue.


  • NCSSM email credentials (and not your old BEACON credentials) are used to access the new BEACON login portal

  • At some point in the near future this new method will be the only way to sign into BEACON

  • In the first quarter of calendar 2022, we’ll be transitioned to MFA, which will be required

The new way to access



Fiori now requires multi-factor authentication (MFA). Doing so will increase This increases security for your data and make unauthorized changes to your HR and payroll information much more difficult.As of now, MFA is not required (or possible), but the way you log into BEACON is changing. Starting sometime in early 2022, MFA will be required, but we’ll have advanced notice and ITS will work with all to provide a smooth transition.

To log into BEACON Fiori using the new method:


  • Select the Microsoft Login Preview linkgov/app


  • Select the Sign in button.

  • You will be brought to a Microsoft sign-in page:


  • Enter your NCSSM email address on the line under “Sign in and click Next

  • You will be taken to the Microsoft password entry page:

  • Enter your NCSSM email password and click Sign In

    The next page allows you to control how often you must go through the login process:

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    (Please note that if you have previously elected to stay signed in, you may not receive this prompt again.) Make your desired selections, clicking either Yes or No as the last step

  • You may also get another page, with a one-time alert you that you’re signing in to a non-Microsoft application:

    Accept the request to share information

  • You will now be on the BEACON Fiori landing page

Should you experience any issues with this process, please contact ITS via ticket at or by emailing