The two charts below illustrate the organization and hierarchy of the NCSSM mail groups. These groups and subgroups comprise the official enterprise-wide communication groups.


Employee Email Flow

The two groups named or were replaced by If you still see the older groups in your local group list, please delete them.

Student/Parent Email Flow

Group Permissions

Group properties are indicated by the group container shape:

My Groups

To determine your group memberships:

  1. Go to the Groups icon in the top right corner of your email screen.

  2. Click the My Groups icon.

  3. Confirm that you are a member of at least one of the groups in the rounded rectangle container directly below Faculty or Staff groups.

The Employees group contains two sub-groups - Faculty and Staff. Mail addressed to the Employees group will expand to the Faculty and Staff groups and will then further expand to the department groups (e.g. Academic Programs or Business).

Using Groups

Custom Groups

The official groups above comprise the groups that are involved in NCSSM’s bulk posts. In addition, the Custom groups below have been established for special function communications and collaboration.

Many of these groups are no longer active. Please advise if an inactive group can be removed from the directory list. In addition, each of the groups below needs an owner to maintain appropriate membership. Many groups may be better served by a local, rather than a global, group. Groups that are not associated with an owner might be removed.

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