These instructions are only for NCSSM Connect students and do not apply for NCSSM Online or Residential students. NCSSM Online and Residential students should use these instructions instead: Logging into Canvas. Other guests without NCSSM credentials or who may be taking professional development from NCSSM, should login with the Canvas login for guests instructions.


  1. The URL you should use to login is: Be sure to choose the login link for people without an NCSSM email address, which says All Others, log in here.

  2. You should have been provided with a User ID. (This is often your firstname and last name combined with the year you first took an NCSSM Connect course. For example: firstname.lastname.21) Enter this ID in the “User ID or email” field.

  3. Enter the temporary password you were provided. If you do not know your password, check with your facilitator.

    Canvas login screen


Change your Password (IMPORTANT)

Once you login to Canvas the first time, be sure to change your password.

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