Please use the following instructions to log into My NCSSM. Note: My NCSSM is for employee use. Students and families can find necessary links under the Resources tab in the Blackbaud SIS.


  1. Navigate to the NCSSM homepage,

  2. In the top-right corner, click My NCSSM.

  3. (Optional) You may need to select the email address with at the end or type in your Google email address (include * and click Next.

    1. If you typed your email and clicked Next, now type your password and click Sign in.

    2. (First time login only) If you are prompted for a "Recovery phone", you can provide one here or click Done.

    3. (First time login only) Click Allow if prompted.

  4. You should arrive at your My NCSSM landing page.

  5. To log out, click Log Out in the menu on the right underneath the Calendar link.

Also see Setting up Bookmarks in My NCSSM, which will tell you how to pin your most-used NCSSM bookmarks at the top of the My NCSSM site.

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