New Design for Gmail

ITS is excited to announce that an updated design for Gmail is now rolling out, and is becoming the default for everyone by April. This new layout, separating the functionality for Gmail, Chat, Teams, and Meet into new menu options at the top-left, will make it easier for users to move between these important applications as they will be accessible in a uniform location, and also reduce the clutter of the previous layout which incorporated this content all on one screen.

This design was announced earlier this year, and has been gradually rolling out as an option over the last several weeks, however, it will become the default option for everyone by the start of April. By mid-summer, Google plans to remove the option to revert back to the previous design. If you wish to opt-in, you can do so by clicking Try it now when prompted with this pop-up message:


For a detailed overview of the changes, please refer to the Google help article. If you have any questions or concerns with which ITS can assist, please send us a ticket via or by emailing