Download Panopto Videos

This article explains how to download videos from Panopto. This includes Zoom cloud recordings that are stored in Panopto.

Only the teacher who “owns” a folder in Panopto can download videos from that folder. Students cannot download videos from Panopto unless the default share settings have been changed so as to allow student downloads.


  1. While viewing the video you wish to download, click the download button in the upper corner of the video. This will start the download. (The download button looks like a downward-facing arrow.)

    If the download button does not appear in your video, or you need to change the format of the video to feature side-by-side, picture-in-picture, or tiled views of multiple video sources (as in Zoom meetings with multiple participants) use the alternate method below.

Alternate Video Download Method

  1. While viewing the video you wish to download, click the settings button. This button looks like a gear icon.


  2. On the settings screen:

A. Choose the Outputs menu.
B. Choose the type and Quality of video (optional. See additional instructions below)
C. Choose to Download Podcast

Video Type and Quality

If you need to change the Quality or Type of video, use the pull-down menus beside Type and Quality. The Type menu allows you to format the downloaded video when you have more than one video source, such as Zoom meetings in which you record a webcam (primary source) and your computer screen (secondary source).
Under type, you can choose to output video as:

  • Primary Video Only

  • Secondary Video Only

  • Side-by-Side,

  • Picture-in-Picture

  • Tile All Streams

If you only have one video source, such as a video recording of just your computer screen, you do not need to change anything, as Panopto will download only the primary video.

If you change the Quality or Type of video, be sure to click the Apply link after making the change. You must then wait as Panopto re-encodes the video before downloading the video. If you choose to download the video without allowing Panopto time to re-encode, you will download the original video without the changes you made. Panopto takes time to re-encode, so we recommend giving it 10-15 minutes before downloading after making any kind of change to the Quality and/or Type menus.