Using Blackbaud Class Roster to Check for an IAP for a Student

This How-To Page will walk instructors through how to determine if anyone in their class has an Individualized Accommodation Plan. An accommodation plan is a written set of instructions that detail specific strategies and practices that will be used to communicate to instructors what strategies and practices will be used to ensure that a student's learning needs are met.


  1. An instructor can start at the Faculty section in Blackbaud, and select the Classes tab like the picture below. At the dropdown, they can select which class they would like to visit


  2. After selecting the class section of choice, please select the ROSTER tab. This will bring up a list that features each student in the class.


  3. Scrolling through the class roster, you should see the list of students in your class. If you see a blue icon like the picture below, the LP stands for LEARNING PROFILE.


  4. This Learning Profile will contain an IAP (individualized accommodation plan) for a student that has been flagged as having one. When coming across a student that has an LP icon on the roster page, please select the ellipses symbol at the bottom of the student’s tile and select “View Learning Profiles


  5. Selecting that will load up the formal documentation of the student’s IAP as a PDF file.