Installing SQL Workbench/J

SQL Workbench/J installation and utilizing Amazon RedShift to connect with the NCSSM Data Warehouse


  1. Frist, you’ll need the Amazon Redshift JDBC driver. Installation Instructions here for reference:

  2. You can download Amazon Redshift JDBC driver here, which is the specific driver needed to work within SQL Workbench/J:

  3. Set up your ODBC Data Sources (64 bit) like this (needs to be run as admin to configure drivers)

  4. After Amazon RedShift is set up, Go to downloads on this website: for the SQL Workbench/J installation

  5. After it downloads, save the folders to a folder you create under your user folder.

    6. You need to run the download_jre file to make SQLWorkbench application run. If it isn’t run first, SQLWorkbench will flash open and immediately close

7. Once SQLWorkbench opens, you will select FILE → MANAGE DRIVERS

8. Select Amazon Redshift (like below) and select the proper JAR file, current one titled

9. Once connected with the Redshift Driver, you should be able to use these credentials to to get connected.

  1. example of format to connect to the Data Warehouse through SQL/J Workbench

    10. This video was helpful as a resource if it stays an active video (1/20/2022):