Zoom Webinar and ITS support expectations

ITS is able to assist in a number of ways regarding Zoom Webinars for major events at NCSSM. That being said, there are also several different roles that we are unable to play in events using Zoom Webinars. Please review these expectations prior to engaging ITS for Zoom Webinars assistance, and let us know by ticket if you have any questions or concerns.

 ITS services and responsibilities

ITS is able to assist with the following, via request at ithelp@ncssm.edu or the http://ithelp.ncssm.edu ticket portal:

  • Training

    • ITS is happy to run training sessions with anyone interested in hosting a Webinar, and can provide tips, tricks, and best practices to be successful

  • Webinar creation. Please supply us with:

    • Name of event

    • Date and time

    • Host name(s) and email address(es)

    • Panelist name(s) and email address(es)

    • Do you need Q&A?

  • Troubleshooting technical issues in advance or during event

    • ITS asks for advance notice of at least two weeks prior to the Webinar’s start, and four weeks' notice is preferred for Webinars taking place after business hours or on weekends.

    • Any events for which we have less than two weeks' notice, ITS will only be able to provide support on a best effort basis.

  • Live technical assistance for major events*, where someone from ITS will stand by in the Webinar to resolve technical issues that may arise. Again, ITS asks for advance notice of two weeks or more prior to the Webinar (four weeks preferred for after hours or weekend support).

    • Review and update settings

    • Check to make sure mics and cameras work

    • Troubleshoot link issues

    • Resolve Zoom app problems

    • On-hand for miscellaneous technical issues

  • Accessing and sharing recordings after the fact

ITS limitations

ITS is unable to assist with the following during a live Webinar:

  • Hosting responsibilities

    • Starting the webinar (from Practice Mode)

    • Recording the webinar

    • Answering or managing questions and comments in Q&A and Chat

    • Livestreaming the Webinar to Facebook or YouTube

    • Turning panelists mics and cameras on and off throughout the Webinar

  • Screen-sharing for a slideshow or video

  • Managing or participating presentation content


*Major events will have over 1000 estimated participants, and/or be of key import to the whole of the institution. Examples include: Discovery Day, Welcome Day, Convocation, a major presentation to the entire population of the school, etc.