Durham Copier Access For Copying/Scanning

How to access the Konica Minolta Copiers on the Durham campus.

Logging on

  1. Go to any Konica Minolta copier on campus and log in using one of the following methods:

    1. choose Username and password and then log in using your NCSSM credentials.

    2. choose ID number and enter the copier code provided by ITS.

  2. After logging in you will get three options

    1. To Copy - Choose Device Functions and then Copy

    2. To Scan to your email address - Choose Scan (more in-depth instructions below)



  1. Login to any copier as shown above

  2. Select the Scan option

  3. You will be prompted with two options for scanning

    1. Google Drive

      • This is the recommended method of scanning and will create a folder in your Google Drive and save the file(s) there. (Employ this method if you are scanning confidential files.)

    2. Email

      • This will email you a copy of the scanned file(s).


  4. Follow the copier's prompts to finish scanning

  5. Once you are done, do not forget to logout using the logout button next to your name in the top right of copier screen