SignRequest is signature and approval software that has a simple interface that allows one to upload a PDF and prepare it for esignatures or approval of others through the press of a button. It integrates with Google Workspace and Microsoft Office. Access SignRequest at

Log in to SignRequest

  1. Go to

  2. Click login at the top right corner.

  3. Click Login with Google and fill out your NCSSM email address and password.

Send and Sign a Document Summary Video

Prepare a Document for Signing

  1. On the left side of the homepage, click Add file to sign.

  2. Upload the document you'd like to prepare to have signed.  Note: SignRequest supports the upload of PDFs and Word documents. Google docs can also be prepared using the Google Drive add-on.

  3. Add your contacts' email addresses. Optionally, check I need to sign myself if you need to sign the document. Note: You may be asked to log in if you haven’t already.

  4. Click the action icon next to each contact to set each of the following options:

    1. Authorizations include the following options:

      1. Will Receive a Copy - This contact will receive a copy of the signed document after all signers have signed.

      2. Needs to Sign - The contact will be sent the document to sign.

      3. Needs to Approve - The contact be sent the document to approve and this approval will be added to the signing log.

      4. Will Only Get Notified - The contact will be notified of all events by email (i.e. Document has been sent, Document viewed, Document signed) but will not receive the signed document.

      5. Needs to Sign in Person  - The preparer may directly hand over the device to the signer to be signed after the document has been prepared.

    2. Signing Order (Optional) - Set the signing order by adding a number in the Signing Order field for each signer. Note: The order goes from least to greatest (i.e. 0 goes first, 1 goes second, 2 goes third, etc).

    3. Text Message Verification (Optional) - Add a phone number for the signer to verify their signature by text message. Note: This is an additional means of verification and is not common.

    4. Require Password (Optional) - Require a password for the document to be signed. Note: This is an additional means of verification and is not common.

    5. Require Attachment (Optional)- Require the upload of an attachment for the document to be signed. Note: This is an additional means of verification and is not common.

  5. (Optional) Add a custom message to the SignRequest email.

  6. In preparing a document, you click anywhere you think a field should be and add it to the document. You have the following options: 

    1. Signature - A resizable block where a signer would sign the document.

    2. Text - A field in which a signer could type information.

    3. Checkbox - A box that could be checked for confirmation purposes.

    4. Date - A field where a signer could input a date.

  7. Screen_Shot_2020-07-20_at_12.18.22_PM.png

    Select Who needs to sign for each field.



  8. (Optional) Click Settings to enter the file name, email subject, expire after date and time, send automatic reminders, add an attachment, or save as a template.

  9. Finally, send the document by clicking the Sign button or the Sign and Send button.

After all designated signers have signed the document, you will automatically receive a copy of the signed document and the signing log as attachments by email.

Sign a Document

If you've received a request to sign a document, follow these steps to review and sign the document.

  1. Click on the blue Review Document button in the received email. A new page will open and you will be able to view the document.


  2. Read the document and choose one option.

    1. Click Options to cancel, decline, download, forward to a different signer, view an optionally added attachment or add an attachment yourself.

    2. Sign the document.

  3. You can sign by adding the necessary input.

    1. Add input in predefined fields. 

      1. An arrow will direct you to where you need to add input (text, date, checkbox and signature). Click in the input field to add a signature, date, text or checkbox.

    2. To add a signature you have 4 options: 

      1. A previously used and saved signature.

      2. Draw a signature with your mouse or finger on a touchscreen phone or tablet. Note: Using your phone or tablet usually creates the nicest signature. You can simply use your mobile web browser. No app necessary.

      3. Type a signature.

      4. Upload a signature picture. Note: This works best with a transparent image.

    3. If you're not satisfied with the result you can try again by pressing Clear in the upper right corner.

  4. Click the green Finalize button in the top right corner.


After signing you will automatically receive a copy of the signed document and the signing log as attachments by email. Note: This email will only be sent after all designated signers have signed the document.

Advanced Features of SignRequest