Changing your BEACON password

You must change your BEACON password every 90 days. These instructions tell you how to do so before your BEACON password expires and you get locked out of your account.

Note: NCSSM employees should receive reminders to change your BEACON password beginning 10 days before the end of your 90 day window. ITS recommends changing your BEACON password as soon as possible to avoid getting locked out of your account.


  1. Access the NCID home page at

  2. Login with your current ID and password.

  3. Click on the Change Password link.

  4. This option is located in the middle of the screen in the “Change Your Password” section.

  5. The Change Password screen is displayed. Enter your new password in “New Password” field.

    1. Note: The screen indicates whether the password complies with the State’s password policy. Notice that as you type the password, each requirement listed on the screen turns red or green to indicate whether the new password has met each policy requirement.

  6. Type the password again in the “Re-enter New Password” field.

  7. Click on Change Password.

  8. The “NCID Logout” screen is displayed.

    1. A message informs you that your security credentials have been successfully updated.

    2. The system asks you to wait a few seconds while your new password is synchronized across the applications that you are permitted to access.

  9. The Continue link appears once synchronization is complete. Your tasks to update your password are now complete. You will also receive an email message confirming that your password was updated successfully.