Summer Accelerator

Summer Accelerator students, please use the following instructions for:

  1. accessing your NCSSM account

  2. logging into Canvas and accessing your course(s)

  3. and how to get help with either of the above

First step: NCSSM account login

  1. You will have received an email with your NCSSM account username (should be something like "sa.firstname.lastname") and a password.

  2. To log into your NCSSM account (which is a Gmail account), in your web browser of choice, navigate to

  3. Enter your full NCSSM email address, such as, and click Next.

  4. On first login, you may see the following prompt. Click Accept on Google's Terms and Conditions.

  5. You should see a "Welcome" screen.


  6. Click Next and then OK.

  7. You are now signed in and ready to use your new NCSSM account.

Second step: Canvas access

  1. In order to log into Canvas, you should use this URL:

  2. Select the top option to use the Log in here if you have an email address.

  3. If you are already authenticated to your NCSSM Google account, you will be taken straight to your Canvas Dashboard. If not, however, please follow the steps below:

    1. If prompted to log into your NCSSM Google account, please provide your full NCSSM email address and click Next.

    2. Provide your NCSSM password and click Sign in.

Get help

Please email to get assistance with access.