Advanced Features of SignRequest

Team Account

Each user in SignRequest is assigned a team. See the NCSSM logo in the top right corner and see the NCSSM colors used throughout the web page. Note: This is also a way to know that you are viewing the team account and not your personal account.


  1. Click the account name in the top right corner.

  2. Select Templates from the dropdown menu.

  3. Click Create Template.

  4. Upload your document.

  5. Add the necessary input fields Note: The font size of the input is determined by the height of the field.

  6. (Optional) If you need to add input to the template before sending (like name, address, amounts, etc.) you can assign extra input fields to yourself and add an order of signing so the receiver will only receive the document after you've completed the input fields.

  7. (Optional) Add an order of signing, default subject line, message, and attachments and activate the automatic reminders (these settings are also part of the template).

  8. Click Save.

You can now select the template on the templates page or while uploading a document.

Tags Within a Document

Tags are a way in which you can add data to a document that are automatically recognized by SignRequest.

You can open the tag with " [[ " and close the tag with " ]] ". You can change the size of the text, date and signature fields by adjusting the size of the font and adding spaces. The font color of the tags should be made white, so they aren't visible in the contract. You should keep distance between the tags. Preferably an enter or a proper line height. While making a template please be sure to test before sending to contacts.








Add a text field

[[t|0 ]]


Add a date

[[d|1 ]]


Add a signature; The extra space determine the width and gives more signing room.

[[s|2 ]]


Add a checkmark



Make a field optional instead of required



Add a number for every different signer or contact



This makes dates not automatically pre-fill with the current date.

Date of Birth: [[d|1|p:0]]


Signer 0: this is the first person that needs to sign (including you).
Signer 1: this is the second person that needs to sign (including you).

The result in SignRequest:

Which tag is for which signer? The numbers in the tags are used to make distinctions between the signers and group multiple tags (input fields) to one specific signer. Note: The template tags are assigned to the order at which the email addresses are added to the contact field and are not the same as the order of signing. Example: “s|1” can be the first or last signer depending on what you specified in the order of signing.

Add an ID to a field You can add an ID to the fields by adding “id:examplename”. This ID can be used to export data in an excel file or by using the API to pre-fill or export these fields.

Text field: [[t|1|id:examplename]]