Add printer - Ubuntu

Please use the following directions to connect to a network printer from a machine running Ubuntu Linux. This applies to students, faculty, and staff.


  1. Open Terminal by pressing ctrl+alt+t

  2. enter the command sudo apt-get install smbclient

  3. Press Activities and search Printers

  4. Scroll down to Additional Printer Settings...

  5. Click Add

  6. Select "Enter URL

  7. In the "Enter device URL" field, type the printer's address in the following format:

    1. smb://

    2. smb://

  8. While on the setting Select printer from a database

    1. For the library printer:

      1. Select Make: HP

      2. Select Model: LaserJet LaserJet 600 M601 M602 M603

      3. Select the recommended driver

    2. For the smartbar printer:

      1. Select Make: HP

      2. Select Model: LaserJet M506

      3. Select the recommended driver

  9. Hit Forward for the next page

  10. In the "Name" field, type the name you would like to use for this printer on the computer

  11. Click Apply

  12. Once you are ready to print for the first time, you may be asked for your credentials

    1. Your username should include: ncssm/<username>

    2. Your password should be your NCSSM password

If you follow these instructions and still cannot connect, please contact ITS.