Zoom Cloud Recording: Mapping to Panopto Folders

When Zoom Meetings are scheduled from within Canvas, their cloud recordings will automatically be routed to their respective course folder in Panopto. If you teach multiple sections in the same course, this guide will explain how you can route each section’s recordings to its own section’s sub-folder.

If you teach multiple sections of the same course, when scheduling your Zoom Meetings, we recommend you append each meeting title with the section name. (such as “Forensic Science - B Block) so that students can simply find their section recordings within the main course video folder. If you name your Zoom Meetings this way, there is no need to utilize folder mapping.

These instructions are optional, and are only intended for those who prefer to house each section’s meeting recordings in a separate folder. Any student in your course can still access recordings in any of the section folders. The folders only serve as a means of better organizing videos, not controlling access.


Setup a sub-folder for each section

  1. Go to Panopto (Course Videos) in your Canvas course.


  2. Use the Add folder button to create a new subfolder inside your course folder.


  3. Repeat this for each section of your course. Be sure to give the folders descriptive names.


Copy the Meeting ID for each Zoom Meeting

  1. Go to Zoom in your Canvas course.


  2. Copy the Meeting ID for one of your Zoom Meetings. Be sure to take note of which course section the meeting ID matches. (in our example, the meeting ID is for Block C)


Setup Folder Mapping in Panopto

  1. Go to Panopto (Course Videos) in your Canvas course. Click the “pop-out” button to open the Panopto website in a new tab.


  2. On the Panopto website, click your name in the upper corner and choose User Settings.


  3. On the user settings page, go to the Info menu and then scroll to Meeting Import Settings. Choose to Add New folder mapping.


  4. a. Paste the meeting ID into the meeting ID field, removing any spaces in the ID number.
    b. Search for the folder or use the pull-down menu to locate the correct folder.
    c. Pay attention to the parent folder to ensure you are choosing the correct folder (in our example the parent folder is 2020-21 Open Enrollment Semester 2 - Example Course)


  5. Save your work and repeat for each section.