Panopto: Moving Videos Between Folders

This guide details how to move videos from one folder to another folder within Panopto.

These instructions only work on the NCSSM Panopto website, which you can access at or at If you are accessing Panopto from within Canvas, we recommend using the “pop-out” button to open the folder you are viewing at the Panopto website (shown below).


  1. Hover over the video(s) you wish to move and check the box that appears

  2. Click the “Move” button.


  3. Use the pull-down menu to select the folder you wish to move the videos into. You can also start typing in the box to search for folders.


  4. If you are moving videos into a Canvas course folder, be sure to pay attention to the term to ensure you are moving videos to the correct folder.


  5. Then click the “move” button.


When any Zoom meeting was not scheduled within canvas, the default location for the cloud recording is in your Panopto “My Folder” within a subfolder called “Meeting Recordings.” If you are having difficulty locating meeting recordings, this is usually the best place to look. (Pictured below)