Adding Documents to the Forms, Policies, Documents Section of My NCSSM

Add a New Document in My NCSSM 

  1. Find the Documents button in the Admin bar. Click it.

  2. Select New Document.

  3. Fill out the Title, Description, and Tags (keywords for searching). Note: Scroll down to see all of the options. 

  4. For the Document Source, select Attachment (files) for a pdf or Excel spreadsheet or select External URL for a Google document or Google sheet. Note: All powerpoint files should be in pdf format before uploading.

  5. (Optional) If you select Attachment (files), click Edit File.

    1. Click the red square with a plus to upload a new file. This opens the Edit Image Details box.

    2. In Edit Image Details, you only have to fill out the title for a document. Note: This is information that is only displayed if you want to search for a document in the Media Library. It is not necessary to fill out a description, tags or credit. 

    3. Click Save Changes for Edit Image Details.

    4. Click Save Changes again for Edit File.

  6. (Optional) If you select External URL, it gives you two new options URL and Document type.

    1. For URL, type or copy and paste the web address of the Google document or sheet. Note: If you need assistance with getting the link for a Google document or Google Sheet, email

    2. For Document type, select Google Document, Google Sheet or other.

  7. For Visible To, leave as Everyone for public information or change to Employees for documents that do not involve students and parents. Note: The use of the Student/Parent option is not common and should not be used because employees often need to see documents to help direct parents and/or students.

  8. For Department, begin to type a department name and the field will suggest names that you may select.

  9. Click Add at the top right corner when you are done or Add Next to create another document.