Zoom Webinar Recommended Settings

Please review the following recommended Zoom Webinar settings when scheduling and hosting a Zoom Webinar session.

Please note that Zoom Webinar use is limited to trained NCSSM employees who have contacted ITS with a specific request for Zoom Webinar use and have been granted access to the webinars@ncssm.edu account.


Scheduling Zoom Webinar

  • Make sure you are signed in as webinars@ncssm.edu in https://ncssm.zoom.us (you might want to use an Incognito or Private Browsing window when doing so)

  • Schedule in advance using Webinars option in https://ncssm.zoom.us

  • Turn on password

  • Turn on Practice Session

  • Turn off authentication requirement unless all participants have NCSSM accounts

  • (Optional) Turn on Q&A

  • Screenshot in ncssm.zoom.us under Webinars:

Setup once Zoom Webinar starts (for Host)

  • Important: don't allow attendees to chat

    • You set this in the Chat panel, click the ellipsis (…) and set attendee’s to chat to “No one” or, if absolutely necessary, only to “Hosts and panelists”.

  • Allow Panelists to share screen (menu next to share button)

  • Allow Panelists to unmute themselves, to rename themselves, to start video

  • Don't allow attendees to raise hand or view count

  • Active speaker view as the default

  • Record “on this computer”

Going Live

  • Start several minutes early (15+)

  • Mute everyone and turn off all cameras except for active speaker

  • If playing a video, be sure to share screen with video optimization and with computer audio (checkboxes when sharing screen)

  • Click Start webinar or Broadcast button once you are ready for attendees to see the webinar

  • As speaker changes, first enable audio and request camera for next speaker, then disable mic and camera for existing speaker once new speaker starts talking

  • Be careful to make your own chat target only “Hosts and panelists” unless you intend to send chat message to “Everyone”


  • Edit recording as needed

  • Upload to Google Drive and share to “anyone at NCSSM with the link can view”

  • Share link with intended audience