Adding a Zoom Meeting to a Canvas Course


This guide will help teachers schedule Zoom meetings from within Canvas. This is the recommended way to schedule all class Zoom meetings.

Instructions for Scheduling a Meeting in Canvas

  1. In your Canvas course, choose the "Zoom" option in the course menu. (If you do not see this option go to course settings > navigation, and enable Zoom as a menu option.)

    Canvas course menu, showing the Zoom menu selected
  2. Once Zoom opens, choose to “schedule a new meeting” (you may be asked to authenticate)

    the schedule a new meeting button in Zoom


  3. If you teach multiple sections of the same course, be sure to name your Zoom Meetings with the section name (D block, B block. etc.) so students can locate the correct recordings. By default, all zoom recordings for a course, including all sections, are stored together in the same course folder in Panopto. If you prefer to store each section’s recordings in a separate sub-folder, follow these instructions for Setting Up Folder Mapping for Zoom Cloud Recording.


  4. Create your first meeting for the time scheduled. Choose to make it a recurring meeting and use the pull-down menu to set the recurrence frequency to “No fixed time.”

It is very important that you make your meeting a recurring meeting. Links to non-recurring meetings will stop working after 30 days, while links to recurring meetings will continue working for 365 days.

(Optional) If your class meets the same time each day, or it meets weekly at the same time, you can choose to make the meeting recurring daily or weekly, and give the meetings an end date for the final meeting. This will add each Zoom meeting to the course calendar in Canvas. This is NOT recommended for classes that follow the block schedule.

Additional Zoom Meeting Settings

  • Do not require registration

  • We recommend using a required password or leaving the waiting room enabled to help prevent “zoom bombing”

  • You may enable “join before host” if you would like to allow students time to conference together prior to your arrival

  • We recommend turning on “Mute participant upon entry”

  • We do not recommend setting meetings to record automatically (we recommend using a sticky note or similar method to remind yourself to start recording manually).

If you plan to record meetings using Zoom Cloud Recording …

  1. Go to your course in Canvas.

  2. Select the “Course Videos (Panopto)” link in your course navigation menu.

    Panopto link in the Canvas course navigation menu.


  3. Wait a moment until Panopto loads (see the image below for an example). This will create a folder for storing your cloud recordings for this course. You must do this first before using cloud recording for any course.

    Panopto loading inside of Canvas

Starting each Zoom Meeting

Each time you start your meeting, use the "Zoom" link in your Canvas course and then choose to start the meeting. This ensures you are logged in to Zoom when the meeting starts. (If you are not logged in, you will not be able to use polls, breakout rooms, or cloud recording capabilities.)

Do not add links to your Zoom meetings on Canvas pages. Simply add instructions for your students to use the built-in Zoom link in the course navigation menu to access the meetings. This prevents the need to edit links each semester when the course is taught again.

Optional Video Tutorial

Additional Help