Organization of Google Groups

The chart below illustrates the organization and hierarchy of the NCSSM mailing lists, which utilize Google Groups. These groups and subgroups comprise the official enterprise-wide communication groups and determine how mass email messages are routed.


My Groups

To determine your group memberships:

  1. Go to the Groups icon from the Google apps drop-down menu in the top-right corner of Gmail.

  2. Click the My Groups icon.

  3. (Optional) Confirm that you are a member of at least one of the groups in the rounded rectangle container directly below the employees, faculty, or staff groups.

The Employees group contains two main sub-groups - Faculty and Staff. Mail addressed to the Employees group will expand to the Faculty and Staff groups and will then further expand to each campus and also the department groups.

Using Groups

For more on using Google Groups, please review the Wiki page.

  • Group owners may choose to limit posting permissions for a particular Group.

  • To request membership in the Durham or Morganton Group Managers groups, please email your supervisor or send a request to ITS and we will request the necessary permission.

  • Mail can be addressed to groups using the friendly name (“Employees,” “Staff”); it is not necessary to know the group email address. Simply begin typing the group name in the To: field in Gmail and suggestions will appear.

Group details

Both Campuses





All Durham and Morganton Employees





Durham Families 2023

Class of 2023 Families

Durham Students 2023

Class of 2023

Durham Families 2024

Class of 2024 Families

Durham Students 2024

Class of 2023

Durham Academic Programs Staff

Academic Programs Staff

Durham Academic Programs Team

Academic Programs Team

Durham Administrative Assistants

Administrative Assistants

Durham American Studies

American Studies Faculty


Athletics Teams

Durham Biology Faculty

Biology Faculty

Durham CCs for Royall

Community Coordinator for Royall

Durham Community Coordinator Staff

Community Coordinator Staff

Durham Chemistry Faculty

Chemistry Faculty

Durham Clinic Staff

Clinic Staff


Coaching Staff

Counseling Faculty

Counseling Faculty

Counseling Staff

Counseling Staff

Durham Deans and Chairs

Deans and Chairs

Durham Dining Services

Dining Services

Durham Employees

All Employees in Durham

Durham Engineering & CS Faculty

Engineering & CS Faculty

Fab Lab

Fab Lab

Durham Faculty

All Faculty Group

Durham Families

All Families

Durham Humanities Faculty

Humanities Faculty

Durham Instructional Council

Instructional Council

Durham Mathematics Faculty

Mathematics Faculty

Durham Mentorship Mentors

Mentorship Mentors

Durham Mentorship Students

Mentorship Students

Durham Mentorship

All Mentorship

Durham Mentorship Staff

Mentorship Staff

Durham Physics Faculty

Physics Faculty

Durham Research Faculty & Deans

Research Faculty & Deans

RLA Coordinators

RLA Coordinators

Durham Residential Life Assistants

Residential Life Assistants

Durham Science Faculty

Science Faculty

Durham Security Staff

Campus Security

Durham Staff

All Staff

Student Life

All Student Life 

Durham Student Life Faculty

Student Life Faculty

Durham Students

All Student

Durham World Languages Faculty

World Languages Faculty







Morganton Families

All current families of all students

Morganton Families 2024

Class of 2024 Families

Morganton Students 2024

Class of 2024 

Morganton Academic Programs Team

Academic Program Teams

Morganton Administrative Assistants

Administrative Assistants

Morganton Admissions

Admission Team

Morganton Athletics

Athletics Teams

Morganton Community Coordinator Staff

Community Coordinator Staff

Morganton Clinic Staff

Clinic Staff

Morganton Counseling

Counseling Staff

Morganton Deans and Chairs

Deans and Chairs

Morganton Dining Services

Dining Services

Morganton Employees Calendar Invitations

Calendar Invitations for Events Only

Morganton Engineering & CS Faculty

Engineering & CS Faculty

Morganton Extended Learning

Extended Learning Staff

Morganton Facilities

Facilities Staff

Morganton Faculty

All Faculty Group

Morganton Humanities Faculty

Humanities Faculty

Morganton Leadership Office Staff

Leadership Office Staff

Morganton Library

Library Staff

Morganton Mathematics Faculty

Math Faculty

Morganton Mentorship and Research

Mentorship and Research Staff

Morganton Residential Life Assistants

Residential Life Assistants

Morganton Science Faculty

Science Faculty

Morganton Campus Security

Campus Security

Morganton Staff

All Staff

Morganton Student Life

Student Life Staff

Morganton Students

All Students in Morganton

Morganton Campus Operations

Campus Operations Staff