MAC address registration of devices

Please use the following instructions to connect a device that does not support WPA2-Enterprise to the NCSSM network.

Instructions for device registration

  1. Get the wireless MAC address of the device you are trying to connect to the network. (The method you use to do so depends on the device.)

  2. On a computer already connected to our network, visit

  3. On that computer, log in with your NCSSM username and password. (Note: Your username is the text before the @ in your email address.)

  4. You should be presented with a screen that asks for:

    1. the MAC Address (enter as recorded in step 1);

    2. Device Name (can be anything you desire but please be descriptive);

    3. and Notes. The first two are required.

  5. Click on Create.

  6. Back on the device you are trying to connect to the network, connect to the NCSSM Guest network. At this point, the device should be connected.

  7. Should the device not connect at this point, turn the device off for at least an hour to overnight, then turn it on. It should now connect. If not, please send ITS a ticket and we'll assist.


  1. A given account can register a maximum of three devices.

  2. We recommend that you not register laptops and phones using this procedure (unless ITS recommends that you do so). Not only do you lose the benefit of automatic connectivity when visiting eduroam campuses, but your data is transmitted unencrypted. Instead, connect to eduroam.