Transfer or export your Google data

If you are a senior graduating from NCSSM or if you are a faculty or staff member that is leaving the school, you may want to either transfer or export your data from your NCSSM Google account.

When transferring content, you may use a personal Gmail account as the destination for your account data.


Transferring Data

Please use the following directions from Google to transfer content from your NCSSM Google account to a personal Google account:

You may directly access the transfer option for your NCSSM Google account here:

Exporting Data

When exporting content, this data includes, but is not limited to:

  • Email: MBOX format

  • Calendar: iCal format

  • Contacts: vCard or CSV format

  • Drive files (docs, spreadsheets, slideshows, etc.): Microsoft Office formats and several others

  • Chrome bookmarks: HTML format

...and many other Google services, such as Maps, Tasks, Keep, Photos, etc.

Instructions for Export

  1. Visit

  2. (Optional) You may then need to sign into your NCSSM Google account, if you aren't already signed-in.

    Google Login Screen
  3. Select the items you would like to include in the export of your data. In the same vein, deselect any items of the Google services which you prefer not to include.

    Select Data to Include Page
  4. Click on Multiple formats to see the formats that are available to you for export. Also some services have other options for you to view. For example, Chrome allows you to click on All Chrome data included which you will them get to decide if you want to bring over Autofill, Bookmarks, BrowserHistory, Dictionary, Extensions, SearchEngines, SyncSettings.

  5. Once you have finished selecting the items you would like to export, select Next step.

    Nest Step
  6. Then you will have the options to choose file type, frequency, and designation.

    Choose file type, frequency, and designation
  7. Under Delivery Method you have the follow options to choose from:

    1. Send Download link via email

    2. Add to Drive

    3. Add to Dropbox

    4. Add to OneDrive

    5. Add to Box

  8. Once you have chosen the appropriate delivery methods you will then choose between 2 options for Frequency

    1. Option 1: Export Once

    2. Option 2: Export every 2 months for 1 year

  9. Next, after you have chosen the appropriate frequency you will need to decide on the file type (.zip or .tgz) and size (1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 10GB, 50GB) for the exported file. Most people, particularly Windows and Mac users, will want to select the default .zip option.

  10. Next, click on Create export

  11. After selecting Create export you will get to view the export in progress

  12. Once it is complete you will get to view and download the content under your exports and Google will also contact you once your export has been created and is ready for you to download or access via the cloud account of your choosing. Once you have the export, you can then transfer the data to the service or application of your choosing.

  13. For any additional questions about exporting your NCSSM Google data, please reference the following Google support article:

Instructions for Import

After you have the exported Google data archive, you will need to import the data into another application or service in order to access the content.

To import data into another Google account, these links may be helpful:

To import data into a Microsoft Outlook,, or OneDrive account, these links may be helpful:

More helpful links:

To import your NCSSM email to another mail account, however, you will need to use a full-fledged email client to import and then transfer the email: