Import a Canvas Course into a new course shell

This article will help teachers import previous courses into new course shells. This is especially useful at the beginning of new terms.

Instructions for Importing a Canvas Course

  1. Go to your new empty course shell in Canvas

  2. On the course home page choose Add Existing Content

    Canvas course home page that snows a button for adding existing content


Copying a Canvas Course

  1. Use the content type pull-down menu to choose Copy a Canvas Course

  2. Search for the course you wish to copy, paying special attention to the year and term

  3. Choose to "Select Specific Content"

  4. Choose "Adjust events and due dates"

  5. Choose to "Shift Dates"

  6. Use the beginning and end dates of the new term and the previous course's term. If you are unsure which dates to use, email TLC.

  7. (Optional) you can use the "substitute" feature if you wish to substitute one day of the week for another, such as moving all Monday assignments to Tuesdays.

  8. Click the "Import" button

    decorative image

Select Content to Copy

  1. Choose to select content

    decorative image


  2. Check every option, EXCEPT for:

  • Announcements

  • Calendar Events

  • It's possible you may have a few announcements you do want to import. If so, click on the arrow icon next to announcements to select individual announcements to import. Be sure to set new post dates for any imported announcements.

  • If you import calendar events, you will often end up with last term’s Zoom Meeting links appearing in the course calendar alongside the new links.