SignRequest instructions

Right-click document to be signed and click Open With > SignRequest

  1. SignRequest creates a new PDF-formatted document for signing

  2. The original document is not modified

  3. Add the document signatories under "Contacts"

  4. The first time, the email addresses must be entered

  5. Check the I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy checkbox if necessary

  6. Clicking on Advanced will allow you to specify the signing order or if you wish to use two-factor authentication of signatories

  7. A list of signatories will be presented

  8. The signing order runs from “0” (first) up to …

  9. Click on Prepare document

You now see the document to be signed

  1. Signature boxes can be placed by clicking anywhere in the document

  2. Click on the pencil to add a signature box

  3. The box size and position can be edited

  4. Clicking again can add more signature boxes and/or date boxes

  5. Date boxes can be automatically filled in

  6. The “External ID” field provides an external label identifying the box

  7. Text fields allow free-form data to be entered

  8. Click on Sign and send to start the signing process

  9. If you added yourself as a signatory, click the document following steps similar to above to add your signature

  10. When ready, click Finalize to send the document out for signatures

  11. Your signed documents will be stored under the SignRequest folder in My Drive. These can be moved as needed