Inspace (Morganton)


The Inspace app will be utilized for Morganton’s room reservations. Inspace is an application that lets people reserve meeting rooms, classrooms, and other campus spaces - all from their phones and computers.



Showing the Inspace app on multiple devices

What is Inspace?

Morganton's room reservations brings a convenient and efficient solution to managing meeting rooms, classrooms, and other campus spaces. By leveraging the features and capabilities of, users can now easily reserve and schedule these spaces directly from their phones and computers, streamlining the entire process.

InSpace offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the reservation process. Users can browse through different rooms, view their specifications, such as seating capacity or equipment availability, and select their preferred time slots. The application provides a centralized platform where users can manage their reservations, make changes or cancellations if necessary, and receive confirmations and reminders.

By utilizing InSpace, Morganton's room reservation system becomes more streamlined, organized, and accessible. The application's features enhance efficiency and reduce the likelihood of scheduling conflicts. With the ability to make reservations anytime and from anywhere, InSpace transforms the way Morganton manages its room bookings, providing a modern and user-centric solution for the campus community.

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