Password security recommendations

These are ITS' password security recommendations to help limit the impact of stolen account credentials on individuals and the community.

Password security recommendations

  • Set up Google 2-Step Verification. This will add an additional step when logging in to your Google account utilizing a secondary device, typically a smartphone. This second method of authentication can prevent phishing attacks and account compromises from taking place and will also make it so that those who share their credentials with the attacker would still be secure; without the ability to access the second method of authenticating, an attacker would be unable to compromise any NCSSM accounts.

  • Do not use your NCSSM password on other websites and services. This will prevent any single compromised password from one website or service from compromising all of your accounts.

  • Generate a secure password utilizing a minimum of 10 characters drawn from the classes of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, digits, and symbols.

  • Use a secure password manager to store your secure and unique passwords. These services can help make it possible to use many different and long passwords without having to remember them all, all while keeping your password database encrypted. Options include: