Creating a Seating Chart in Blackbaud SIS

Teachers can create and view seating charts for their classes. With this update, teachers will also be enabled to take attendance via the seating chart.


  1. To use the seating chart feature, log in as a teacher and go to Faculty. Under Classes, select a class name. Near the top of the page, below the class name, you will see a new button labeled View seating chart. Select it to open the seating chart in a new window.

  2. Select Create seating chart to get started. A blank seating chart will display in a grid. Enter a Number of rows and Number of columns. The grid dimensions will update automatically when you click outside of the number entry fields.

  3. Student names and pictures will display under Unassigned students. Select and drag them into place on the grid. Select Save and close when you are finished.

  4. To edit a seating chart, go to the class page and select View seating chart again. When the chart opens in a new window, select Edit seating chart.

Please note that teachers can only create and edit seating charts for their own classes.

Please also read this article to use this seating chart to take attendance: