Troubleshooting remote meeting issues (Zoom/Google Meet)

If you experience any technical difficulty using a synchronous classroom tool, such as Zoom Meetings or Google Meet, please take these steps:


  1. For general Zoom and Google Meet connection quality recommendations, please reference these recommendations.

  2. Check that the microphone and camera access are set up properly in your web browser. If this does not work for your browser of choice, please try an alternate web browser.

    1. Instructions for Chrome

    2. Instructions for Firefox

    3. Instructions for Safari

  3. Check to see that your microphone is set up properly on your computer:

    1. Windows

    2. Mac

  4. Try restarting your computer and trying to reconnect again.

  5. Send ITS a Ticket. Be very specific when creating your help ticket. Please include the specific course, instructor name, and time that an issue occurred. Select the appropriate category from the ticket creation form, if applicable. In the description, please provide as specific information as possible, including the text of any error messages and, if you're able, a screenshot of the issue.